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Double Trouble!


This is our first successfully done soap and we’re very happy with it. Hooray!


(all the ingredients, except the essential oils, are bio ingredients and we encourage everybody to use bio ingredients when making cosmetic products. the reason is obvious: if u dont like eating pesticides and other nasty stuff, you should also not put them on your skin:)

*rose tea (the rose petals we got from a village market in Morocco)

*olive oil, coconut oil, nuts oil, rape oil, olive oil with blueberries

*coffee, green clay

*essential oils: cinnamon

We wanted to combine a peeling soap with a cleansing one. This is why we chose the combination of coffee (which acts as a scrub) with the green clay (which has a good cleaning effect). This type of soap is good for people with a difficult skin, that needs a bit of extra attention. However, we also use it in our bathroom as a daily soap and we find it great!


The green clay is a very common ingredient in many cosmetic products (especially face masks!). It is very beneficial for the detoxification of the skin, by removing the impurities from inside the pores and by tightening the pores, tonifying the skin and removing the dead skin cells. It is recommended for people with skin problems or acneic skin.


Coffee works, first of all, as a vasodilator. Secondly, it is full of antioxidants (which heal and restore damaged skin) and has the very useful property of dehydrating fatty cells (thus, making it very good as a body scrub against cellulite!)

* because of the cinammon essential oil, NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women!!!


The soap surprised us by having a very strong nutty fragrance, so we will definetly use the nuts oil again!!! 🙂


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